We have had a 500 point and candy bar prize to the person who spots the first Alligator in the wild.  I won that one.  I had gone up to talk with Matt and Kyle on the bridge and I spotted a gator!  We are all excited and yell for the kids.  Not all the kids believe me that it’s a gator.  I also had to clarify that in our 500 points and a candy bar nobody specified that the gator had to be alive. A win is a win, even on a technicality.  We hopped in the dinghy to investigate and confirm my win.

We had already planned a gator day, just got a dead surprise as well.  I was super excited about going to this place called Gatorama.  It’s in this small little town, Palmdale.  We saw a flyer for it at the marina in Fort Meyers.  I was excited to see that we would only be a 20 minute drive from the waterway we were taking, the Okeechobee.  I had to do calling around to find how to get from La Belle to Palmdale.  There weren’t any ubers or lifts available.  I did find a great taxi service.  So yay!  Then we had to find where we were going to put the boat.  LaBelle has a city dock that’s free.  So yay again! 


We made it Gatorama with just enough time to get in all they had before they closed and enough time to make it back for Calvin’s math class online.


This place was so COOL!


We watched alligators and crocodiles climb up 3-4 feet from the water.  The adults all did “fast hands or no hands.”  A must watch video, and must do activity!  https://youtu.be/Q_IfJeZe9jg


Each adult had to throw the food pellet into the mouth of the gator.  Matthew and Kyle made 1 out of 5 shots.  I won again today getting 3 out of 5.

Since we all kept our hands I suppose everybody won.  We did gator bareback, we ran around catching baby gators, we held a albino gator, and fed a turtle (https://youtu.be/9bvgj5r5ZWsWith tons of persuasion and pressure we talked Alison into holding the python.  She finally agreed if I would hold the head.  I didn’t do a good job, not intentionally.  I’m just not experienced.  The snake is pure muscle and pulled around my neck and went to Alice.  She was so brave.  (https://youtu.be/Tn02CYq6DT8)She needed a minute when it was done to collect herself.  This place was incredibly fun.