About the Jarvis Family

It’s always awkward to write about yourself, but since you asked (err… clicked), we’ll give it our best shot.

Jackie and Matthew started dating in high-school and have been sweethearts ever since.

For most of this time, we called Federal Way, WA home, but in 2017 we’d had enough of the City’s decline and decided to move to Issaquah, WA.

Thanks to a great job, lots of hard work and most importantly, not trying to keep up with the Jones, our family has enjoyed a lot of adventures, including a three week trip through China.

While these previous adventures were cool, they were just training for our current Great Loop boating adventure.

The Crew

Jackie (forever 27)

Matthew (aging in style)

Alice (age 12)

Ella (age 10)

Calvin (age 7)
Something great about Calvin.