Last week Calvin asked if he could go wake surfing. I was shocked! This is a kid that LOVES driving the boat but never wants to get in the water. This summer is a summer for firsts. Alison also started playing with us and now surfs. Calvin just started getting in the lake and swimming with us. Calvin doesn’t go tubing unless we are only going 2 mph. If he hears the engine pick up at all he is done and the ride is over. Sadly, Calvin had to wait until the late afternoon for Matt to finish working. I figured I’d need more help since this was his first time. We finally get out on the boat and realize he doesn’t really want to surf. He wanted the boat to drag him while he laid on the surfboard. He loved it and went multiple times. I felt silly thinking he’d do such a thing and we didn’t have to wait for Matt. He had a great time. I borrowed our neighbors knee board to give that a try since that really was what he was doing with the surfboard. Ella tried it first. No surprise she rocked it. I wasn’t sure how Calvin was feeling after watching how fast Ella went. He still was good to give it a go.

He got a quick lesson and he was off. My mind was blown that he did that and was comfortable. We had to go fast enough to get on plane. He quickly got up and wasn’t long before he figured out how to turn and control it. He was having a blast! His mind was blown as the neighbors let him keep it. They haven’t used it this decade. This boy is in heaven. I’ve promised his a knee board when we get to Florida to pull behind the dingy.