We made it!  We are in the Bahamas!  This place is incredibly beautiful.  I’m surrounded by multiple shades of the prettiest blues.  The sun is going down and the different shades of white, yellow, and pink are in the sky.  My heart is exploding with joy.  There is a permanent smile plastered to my face.  I couldn’t imagine a better day!

The day started out early.  We left at 7 am and headed straight out.  Alice was the only one that stayed asleep.  The rest of us made breakfast and ate.  The water was a little choppy, so Ella and I laid upfront listening to our audio book.  Eventually Alice woke and joined.  Just in time too.  We had reached the bluest of blue water.  The water was about 200+ feet deep.  It was too tempting to resist.  We had to stop and swim.  I couldn’t contain my excitement and couldn’t wait to jump in that water.  In fact, I couldn’t take time to change into my swimsuit!  I warned the family as I made a trail of clothes on my way walking the plank.  Ella was kind enough to grab a towel for me as I only had a one track mind.

There wasn’t another soul in sight or even any land for that matter.  It was so wonderful!  It was so wonderful and joyous that the rest of my family (Alice excluded) soon joined in the fun.  However, Alice is a bit too proper for that such behavior.  We had some skinny dips and chunky dunks.  Poor Alice with such a weird family.We eventually continued on our way.  Not too long after we had another excursion.  A WHALE SPOTTING!!!  We had to follow for a bit.  I’ve never seen a whale in the wild before.  This day was just awesome!  Here’s the links for the whales

We continued back on course and made it to the Bahamas.  I lost my breath as we came into land.  The water, sky, and island are just beautiful.  We squeezed into a tight spot at the marina trying not to get distracted by the rays swimming all around our boat.  We got docked, checked in, and we waited for Matt to come back from customs.  As he did, a local came selling lobster he had just caught.  ABSOLUTELY!.  I toasted the day with butter and a tail.

As the kids got ready for bed I joined Matt on the dock looking at the vibrant blue water.  There was still a ton of fish activity and then SHARKS!  It was too cool watching some huge fish come in.  I’m not sure how tomorrow is going to beat today.