Hurricane Michael – The purple dot is our current location

I want to start by thanking all our friends and family who are following and supporting our crazy adventure! Hearing from all of you really helps with our homesickness.  The most common questions we get from friends and family are about the weather, specifically hurricanes.  When watching the national news, it does sound like all of Florida is getting blown away by hurricanes every few weeks. The reality is much less dramatic. While every square inch of Florida has been hit by a hurricane at some point in the last hundred years, they really don’t impact daily life.  Since arrive in Florida 5 weeks ago more than a dozen hurricanes have formed and dissipated. The two that have made landfall were both far enough away that we didn’t feel any impact. Currently Hurricane Michael is coming through the Gulf of Mexico and is expected to hit the panhandle of Florida in a few days. With our current location in West Palm Beach (see pin) we are a very safe distance away.

So what IF a hurricane were headed for us?

In the event we found ourselves in the projected path of a hurricane, we basically have two options.

The first option is to start moving the boat out of the hurricane’s path. Despite their high wind speeds, hurricanes are relatively slow moving, which COULD give us enough time to move the boat to a safer location. If needed, we can move the boat 100+ miles a day (250+ if conditions require/allow). This would allow us to stay away from most storms. Using Hurricane Michael as an example, it won’t strike land for at least two days. During that time we could move 200-500 miles away, putting us well outside his path.

The second option is to hunker down the boat and get out of town. If moving the boat were not an option, we would quickly prep her for the hurricane (which would take less than 3 hours), secure her as best we can and then get out of town and/or find a hurricane shelter. Depending on where she were located relative to the path of the storm, this would entail removing everything that could be torn off by 150mph winds, duct taping and strapping down every hatch, adding a double set of ropes to the dock and then taking dozens of pictures for the insurance claim. If available/necessary, we might even have the boat hauled out of the water and secured on dry ground. While we would hate to see our boat damaged or destroyed, it’s only a boat and we have insurance.

Haul Out in April 2018

Please know that we would keep all of your updated via  the website if we ever felt in danger. With that said, we do really appreciate your concern and always love hearing from you!

-Matthew (currently working in Federal Way, WA)