Everyday that I’ve been on this boat adventure I’ve thought about my Grandpa.  This especially rings true when the heads overfill and other awful stories.  He is a story teller and in my mind I could hear him laughing and understanding the predicament as he is also a boater.  There was one time I think he owned 4 boats!  He took annual trips to Alaska for salmon, crabbed in the San Juan’s, and one time had a sailboat that he took all the grandsons on (the girls were all too young).  It’s hard not to be on a boat and think about him.  He always seemed to be tinkering on something.

The day before I left on this adventure the kids and I made our goodbyes.  I half expected my grandma to give me warnings of “watch out for pirates,” or “don’t swim with sharks.”  She has given lots of cautions over my life.  I had a layover in San Francisco when I was 16 and she told me to make sure and use toilet seat covers.  That one still makes me giggle.  As we visited I didn’t get any warnings, much to my surprise.  Instead they told us this is a wonderful adventure and they were so happy for the memories we were going to make.  They recounted lots of stories from the sailing trip with the boys.  They laughed as they retold the stories of my cousins with the oysters and my brother with his mosquito bites.  My kids hadn’t heard these before and were lit up in delight.

Early this morning, the last day of September, I awoke to multiple cell phone calls from my family.  As I finally registered what was going on and looked down at the phone I saw it was my sister.  I knew at that moment she was calling to tell me my grandpa had died.  I had received a marco polo before I went to bed showing them laughing and his recovery from surgery on his


shoulder that he had days before.  My grandpa, a little slurred from medications, but was still full of life and humor.

We left Stuart  yesterday and headed south.  We made calls to different marinas along the way.  We had reservations in Riviera Beach but not for another 2 days.  We passed tons of party boats with slides and inflatables.  We didn’t have any luck finding a marina with slips available for our size cat.  We found this great spot to anchor in North Palm Beach.  So as I get this call I was able to go outside and be surrounded by peace.  The water was calm and I was free to cry without worry of people passing or making noise for my neighbors at the marina.  I was able to watch the sunrise while on phone with my siblings.  My siblings were all together in Seattle.  It was 2 AM their time and they were together when we all got the news.  We were able to all sob together over the phone.  As I ended the call with them I sat outside for a while, too upset to go back to bed.  I looked around at this beautiful cove we were anchored in.  The sun was just barely beginning to peak out.  Everything around me was still and quiet.  I couldn’t have asked fro a better spot to be.  I was able to be alone to enjoy the peace and reverence around.

I’ve heard the theory that girls subconsciously marry their dads.  Well, I definitely didn’t.  I won’t go into my daddy issues.  Now upon reflecting the life and type of man my grandpa is I may have married him.  He was a hard worker with an entrepreneurial spirit, very similar to Matthew.  Both of them tinker around with engines and motors.  They are fascinated with how things work and don’t mind taking things apart to discover.  I love them both so deeply.

The whole family has enjoyed this little cove we were anchored in.  The kids caught catfish after catfish.  We were finally free of red tide and were free to swim.  The girls dived down and explored all sorts of underwater activity.  Calvin finally got the courage to jump off the bow.  Kyle and Matt took got the first underwater cleaning done.  There were only 2 other boats close by us.  Both of those were unoccupied.  We had this great little cove to ourselves to work, play, fish, and swim.  We will be in North Palm for a while as I will be headed to Seattle for my grandpa’s service and Matt will be travelling for work.  This will also give us an address so we can keep getting the boat outfitted.  So far this seems like a great place to stop for a while.