Saturday is a special day, it is the day of the week that we do our deep clean of the boat inside and out.  With all hands on deck we are able to get it all done in 1-2 hours.  After breakfast we start on the outside to get that in as early for cooler temperatures.  Then we made our way inside scrubbing ceilings, floors, walls, toilets, and everything else in between.  We usually have a great reward awaiting us.  Sometimes it’s a lunch out, usually Pho, or it could be a fun activity like an escape room.  Today, Matt isn’t with us (tear).  So we rewarded ourselves by turning on the air conditioning, and a trip to target (I love having girls).  After shopping we went out snorkeling.  After dinner we got a surprise firework show, with amazing seats (from our boat).

Kids caught a puffer fish