Calvin’s volcano in the sand

Our last day at the Hotel we made sure to get in beach time and showers.  With limited water on the boat we take advantage of long showers when the opportunity presents itself.  We went one last time to the science museum with the kids.  We got thrown out again!  (we stayed until closing…again)

    Ella’s outhouse

Ella’s library

   As we got thrown out again, we noticed a big event in the park across the street.  They were also setting up for a big firework show on the water in front of the park . 

We changed our dinner plans and ordered sushi delivery.  We were pretty excited to have such great seats for the show.  The show started and we quickly discovered that our seats were a little too close for comfort.  We were getting impaled by the falling explosives.  It wasn’t long until we sought cover inside.  We made some calls as well as we found our boat covered in ash, soot, and firework debris. 

This was on a Saturday, our cleaning day.  However, we were talked into postponing the cleaning to play with our friends.  This is probably the only time I have ever been thankful for delaying my responsibilities.  I would have been furious had I just cleaned it.  Instead the charity that put on the event paid to have the boat washed.  So instead, somebody else is cleaning outside.  Sunday morning we woke up and only did our inside clean.  We then packed our bags and left for Orlando.

the ash dusting