Hard to believe that 8 years ago today (yes April Fool’s Day) we discovered that Jackie was unexpectantly pregnant with Calvin.


While this was another busy week, not much happened towards our great loop trip. Everything is scheduled for our survey/inspection on April 10th so now it’s just a waiting game. Calvin, Kyle and I went to Moses Lake for the weekend to get Jackie’s boat back from the shop. Only took them SIX MONTHS to replace the transmission, but it was the winter and now its as good as new, other than being super dirty from sitting outside all winter.


Sounds like our best-Moses Lake friends, Craig and Kristen are going to meet us in the Caribbean on the boat for Christmas. Guess I’d better start figuring out where we will be Christmas 2018.


I continue to watch every video and read every blog I can find about boating, specifically boat upgrades. I’ve got a laundry list of upgrades (including laundry itself). I just hope I get to the bottom of the list before I get to the bottom of my bank account. 🙂