Here we go again!  We are a little bummed to be underway going backwards.  We are not boating backwards, but rather going back to Fort Lauderdale.  We had just gotten to the keys and now it we have to return.  On our venture to Key Largo we ran aground.  Our propeller is bent and will need to be fixed or replaced. We had a difficult time getting a hold of marina’s and repair shops in Miami and they were expensive.  Timing isn’t too terrible as Matt is meeting a business partner next week here.  We were hoping for a few more days to play before returning to the city.  The positive is that we will be there a few days longer, which gives us an address to receive packages.  Calvin’s birthday is approaching and that helps with that.  I had just returned to the boat from Seattle and upon further inspection found a great deal more of provisions that need restocking.  We have a long day underway.


The kids are adjusting and not complaining.  They were happy to finish the last chapter of their book.  Alice sneaked off to enjoy book 2 on her own.  Ella has a math mural that she is working on.  Calvin loves to captain.  He checked the engines and fired them up.  It’s probably my favorite part about moving the boat.  Calvin, up on the bridge yelling “clear port side!”  After a pause he follows with, “clear starboard side” in his high, little boy voice.  He bump steered us out.

I’m sure glad they are smiling now, because tomorrow is cleaning day.  The boat is needing a good clean and reorganization.  I also have my instacart order ready for our arrival.  So it’s not all bad.  We just love being out of the city with wild life to explore.